proposal document

photomontage illustrating scenes from the project

The Pitch

In A Nutshell 

We have designed a system that holds a spray paint can onto the rear stay of a DJ bike, combined with a trigger remote on the bars, to allow the rider to paint their “own line” - literally. (Please refer to the design schematic for more details on the holder/remote.)

We follow the rider as he or she rides about the skatepark crisscrossing the concrete with colourful line-work to reveal, at the end of the video, that the rider has in fact painted the Raceface logo.

the core message

Sure, being bike obsessed is about riding BUT it’s also about learning basic bike mechanics, servicing your own bikes and upgrading parts yourself. In other words, “The fun is in the riding AND in the making.” 


We believe this to be a more than appropriate message coming from a high end parts company. For this reason this video is “dedicated” to those, like us Deggan brothers, who like to ride and tinker. 

The feel

Do you ever feel like the making-of video is more exciting than the actual video? We think so. That’s why we would like to combine a beautiful cinematic style of shooting with rich behind the scenes content. 

We want viewers to feel like they are immersed in the preparations and creation of the film. (Please see our storyboard which shows this in greater detail.) 

goals for the film

  • To bring a fresh and exciting idea to the table in a visually stimulating film.

  • A shoutout to the riders/mechanics/tinkerers.

  • Showcase Raceface sponsored riders and athletes.

  • Showcase Raceface parts/apparel in action.

What you get from us

  • 4K 2-3min long film.

  • 4K 20-30sec long social media clips.

  • 4K Best of long film 30sec clip.

  • 4K Simple rider edit with no behind the scene footage.

  • (Actual) behind the scenes video footage of shoot.

  • Professional photography to accompany final film. Extra cost required.

what we need from you

  • Raceface sponsored rider.

  • Raceface kit/apparel for rider.

  • DJ bike with Raceface parts.

  • Raceface Trigger. 

budget range: 25k+

budget breakdown:


Spray paint

$10.25/can x 50cans = $573cad ATI.

Ground paint

$199.99 x 8pots (5 gallon) = $1,791.90cad ATI.


Rollers + handles

$29.98 x 4 = $125.94cad ATI.

Spray paint holder/mechanism.

$350 budget ATI.






Panasonic EVA1

$275.00 per day x 4 days = $1,100cad


Panasonic GH5

$145.00 per day x4 days = $580cad




Sigma ART 14mm F1.4 EF

$35.00 per day x4 days = $140cad


Sigma ART 50mm F1.4 EF

$30.00 per day x4 days = $120cad


Sigma ART 105mm F1.4 EF

$50.00 per day x4 days = $200cad




Aputure Light Storm C300D

$80.00 per day x 4 days = $320cad


Light Disc 4’x6’

$10 per day x4 = $40cad


DJI Mavic 2 Pro

$225.00 per day x4 = $900cad




2x8hr days @ $105/hr = $1,632cad

Directing/filming A-Cam + Drone:

4x8hr days @ $105/hr = $3,360cad

Editing/post production (including alt. cut):

42hrs @ $105/hr = $4,284cad

Short clips editing:

8hrs @ $105/hr = $840cad



2x8hr days @ $105/hr = $1,632cad

Rig building:

16hrs @ $105/hr = $1,632cad

Directing/filming B-roll:

4x8hr days @ $105/hr = $3,360cad

Behind the scenes videographer:

$650 fixed price for 4 days = $950cad

Shooting assistants x2:

$960 fixed price each for 4 days = $1,920cad

Parking Assistant (P.A) x1:

Fixed price for 4 days = $780cad

Travel Expenses:

Adrien's flight from CDG: Approx. $1,150cad.

Gas expenses: Fixed price = $100cad.


extra essentials

Food/drink catering:

$250 allocated to food + drink for 4days = $425cad

Music licensing:

*includes paid advertising and social boosting rights for external/web/streaming for company with 51-100 employees. 

=$718.20usd per song

2 Songs x $718.20usd = 1,436.40usd

Conversion: $1,922,42cad as of April 30th 2019.


$30,500 cad.

Tristan deggan

Having spent my professional life between Europe and Canada

as a media creator, I have developed skills in all but most aspects 

of my work which I believe are key in producing exciting and moving

stories. I love collaborating closely with people to bring their ideas

and projects to life. For the main part of my work, I mainly produce high-end imagery and films for adventure-rich outdoor companies such as

Goodyear, PALU, Forbidden & Knolly. Wether it is on the bow of a racing

yacht, a Sessna above the ever-snowy Rockies or in a French

vineyard, I am always thrilled to discover what and who lies beyond

the next hill to capture some beautiful and compelling imagery.


Directing + Project Planning + Videography + Photography + Editing + Colour Correcting.

Adrien deggan

Adrien Deggan is an international, prize-winning, illustrator and concept artist who has worked in film, animation and video games. He specializes in the early stages of project development, including: storytelling, storyboads, user interface, and the creation of unique visual styles. He has art directed, directed and created images for Microsoft, National Geographics, the BBC, EA Games, Michelin, Jellyfish Pictures, just to name a few. Last year he was honoured to be nominated for an Emmy award.


Concept Art + Storyboarding + Design + Photo-Montage + Matte Painting + Basic Animation.

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