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Tristan grew up between France and Canada and at a young age he started teaching himself photography. This hobby later evolved into a full time career in video/photo production. Mountain biking is a central part of his life as well as interests in mechanics, film camera and lens collecting, architecture, woodworking and long walks through flea markets in France! He enjoys collaborating with like-minded people to bring their projects and ideas to life through his mediums. For the main part of his work, he has produced high-end imagery and films for companies such as Goodland, Norco, Tourism Bowen Island,  We Are One, NF, Forbidden Bikes, Knolly Bikes, Union Wood Co., Goodyear, Michelin and more. He has multiple publications online and in print featured in Le Monde Magazine, Mountain Biking BC, Vojo Magazine, Pinkbike, Freehub Magazine, Bike Mag, NSMB, IMB, Full Attack Magazine, Hello BC and more.

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