Having spent my professional life between Europe and Canada as a media creator, I have developed skills in all but most aspects of my work which I believe are key in producing exciting and moving stories. I love collaborating closely with people to bring their ideas and projects to life. For the main part of my work, I produce high end imagery and films for adventure-rich outdoor companies such as Goodyear, PALU and Forbidden.


Wether it is on the bow of a racing yacht, a Sessna above the ever-snowy Rockies or in a French vineyard, I am always thrilled to discover what and who lies beyond the next hill to capture some beautiful and compelling imagery.

Thank you to my brilliant clients:


  • "Ride NF" - Weekly Video Production, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Evolve Bikes" - Skypilot Promotion, Mt. Prevost, Canada

  • "Knolly Bikes" - Launch Video For Knolly Cache Ti. Gravel Bike, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Knolly Bikes" - Promo Video For Knolly Fugitive LT, West Vancouver, Canada

  • "Forbidden Bike Company" - Promo film showcasing new mtb, Cumberland, Canada

  • "Kerrisdale Lumber" - Production Of 6 Internal Videos, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Six & A Half Consulting" - Portrait Shoot, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Municipality" - Council Portraits, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Properties" - Interior Photography Pre-Fab Homes, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Sam Wice" - Wedding Photography, Cumberland, Canada

  • "Thibaud & Thyda" - Wedding Video, Auvergne, France

- - -


  • "Forbidden Bike Company" - Promo film showcasing new mtb, Cumberland, Canada

  • "Jill Paider & Tasha Powell" - Video Promoting Book Launch, Marseille, France

  • "Dr. Shahar Rabi" - Video for New Earth Institute, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Positively Fit" - Photography For Fitness Centre, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Artisan Suites" - B&B Rentals At Artisan Square, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Van Away" - Promotional Video For Van Rentals, Auvergne, France

  • "David Graff" - Videographer For David Graff Concert At Harmony Arts, West Vancouver, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Dog Ranch" - Promotional Film Of Business, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Jeremy & Kendall" - Wedding Video, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Van Away" - 8 Days Driving Through Southern France, Provence & Alps, France

  • "Swim Bowen" - Photography For Swim Race Fundraiser, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Maysia & Leo" - Wedding Photography, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Goodyear" - Video With Geoff Gulevich For Launch Of Goodyear MTB Products, Vancouver Island, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Accommodations" - Video For Lazy Bowen Hideaway, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Re/Max" - Video for $2.8million, 118acre Property For Sale, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Needs Factory" - Needs Factory Apparel Athletes, Bowen Island & North Shore, Canada

  • "Nihilate" - Director of Photography, Music Video, Burnaby, Canada

  • "Palu Cashmere" - Sailing With Palu, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "NSMBA" - Promotion for NSMBA With Daniel Shaw, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Re/Max" - A 1 Minute Film Showcasing Life On Bowen Island, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "We Are One Composites" - Mtb Film With Brendon Edgar, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Green Mammoth Designz Apparel" - Video Commission For Just Ride II, Germany


  • "Heather & Brandon" - Wedding Photography, Squamish, Canada

  • "JDN Music" - Music Video, Downtown Vancouver, Canada

  • "Jasmine Beryl" - Commissioned Portraits, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "M.O.A.K Episode 1 (Pilot)" - A-Cam, Camera Operator, Downtown Vancouver & Burnaby, Canada

  • "Caleb Harapnuik" - Elite MTB Racer, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Lodge" - Seaside Retreat, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Footsie" - Short Film - A-Cam, Camera Operator, Burnaby, Canada

  • "Sea To Sky Exotic" - Luxury Rental Cars, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Green Mammoth Designz" - Mtb Clothing Brand, Germany

  • "Red Horses" - Gallery/shop, West Vancouver, Canada 

  • "Mountain Biking British Columbia" - MTB Tourism Promotion of Vancouver's North Shore, Canada

  • "BC Ferries" - Sponsored video for Brendon Edgar, Sunshine Coast, Canada

  • "NSMBA" - North Shore Mountain Biking Association, Vancouver, Canada

  • "RE/MAX Crest Realty Canada" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Brendon Edgar Racing" - Pro Enduro Mountain Biker, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Leadership Mind" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Christine & Joe Reid" - North Vancouver, Canada


  • "Engel & Volkers" - Luxury Real Estate Agency, Hamburg, Germany

  • "Citypak & High Sierra" - Backpacks for the homeless, Vancouver, Canada

  • "The Courtyard At Park Farm" - Luxury B&B, East Knoyle, England

  • "Perfectly Provence" - Provence Food, Travel & Lifestyle Magazine, Provence, France

  • "Christine & Joe Reid" - Wedding Video, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Annick & Manfred Resag" - Les Farges, Dordogne, France

  • "Artigiani Milanesi Cashmere Shop" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Wendy Holm" - Otter Point House, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Colin & Dale Forbes" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "David Graff Music" - David Graff & the Continental Grifters, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Union Steamship Company" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Rocky Mountain Cycles" - Video for B.C.B.R 2016, Squamish & Seymour, Canada

  • "Pierre Beauger" - Winemaker of Central France, Montaigut Le Blanc & Champeix, France

  • "Olivia Ducayen" - Actress, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "BISK" - Bowen Island Sea Kayaking, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "NSMBA" - North Shore Mountain Biking Association, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Annabelle Coon" - Actress, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Guest Rooms La Maison des Vignerons" - Montaigut le Blanc, France


  • "Guest Rooms La Treille" - St Julien, France

  • "Guest Rooms le Cadran Solaire" - Neschers, France

  • "Municipality of Champeix" - City of Gardens, Champeix, France

  • "Guest Rooms Le Prieuré" - Montaigut le Blanc, France

  • "Simon Jessep" - Fiction Novelist, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "The French International School Cousteau" - North Vancouver, Canada

  • "The Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Leadership 2020" - Vancouver, Canada

  • "LeadershipMind Consulting" - Bowen Island, Canada



  • "Beyond The Edge" Exhibition" // The Gallery, Artisan Square. Bowen Island, B.C. Canada 2015

  • "Gifted 2014" Exhibition" // The Gallery, Artisan Square. Bowen Island, B.C. Canada 2014

  • "A Family Affair" Exhibition" // Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, B.C. Canada 2012

  • "Photos du Pays des Couzes" Exhibition // Exposition au Marchidial de Champeix. Auvergne, France 2011