Having spent his professional life between Europe and Canada

as a media creator, Tristan Deggan has developed skills in all aspects of his work. He enjoys collaborating closely with people to bring their ideas and projects to life. For the main part of his work, he produce high-end imagery and films for adventure-rich outdoor companies such as Goodyear, PALU, Forbidden & Knolly.


Whether it is in the bow of a racing yacht, a Cessna above the Rockies eternal snows or in a French vineyard, he is always thrilled to discover what and who lie beyond the next hill to capture beautiful and compelling imagery.

Thank you to my brilliant clients:


  • "Ride NF" - Weekly Video Production, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Evolve Bikes" - Skypilot Promotion, Mt. Prevost, Canada

  • "Knolly Bikes" - Launch Video For Knolly Cache Ti. Gravel Bike, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Knolly Bikes" - Promo Video For Knolly Fugitive LT, West Vancouver, Canada

  • "Forbidden Bike Company" - Promo film showcasing new mtb, Cumberland, Canada

  • "Kerrisdale Lumber" - Production Of 6 Internal Videos, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Six & A Half Consulting" - Portrait Shoot, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Municipality" - Council Portraits, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Properties" - Interior Photography Pre-Fab Homes, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Sam Wice" - Wedding Photography, Cumberland, Canada

  • "Thibaud & Thyda" - Wedding Video, Auvergne, France

- - -


  • "Forbidden Bike Company" - Promo film showcasing new mtb, Cumberland, Canada

  • "Jill Paider & Tasha Powell" - Video Promoting Book Launch, Marseille, France

  • "Dr. Shahar Rabi" - Video for New Earth Institute, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Positively Fit" - Photography For Fitness Centre, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Artisan Suites" - B&B Rentals At Artisan Square, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Van Away" - Promotional Video For Van Rentals, Auvergne, France

  • "David Graff" - Videographer For David Graff Concert At Harmony Arts, West Vancouver, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Dog Ranch" - Promotional Film Of Business, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Jeremy & Kendall" - Wedding Video, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Van Away" - 8 Days Driving Through Southern France, Provence & Alps, France

  • "Swim Bowen" - Photography For Swim Race Fundraiser, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Maysia & Leo" - Wedding Photography, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Goodyear" - Video With Geoff Gulevich For Launch Of Goodyear MTB Products, Vancouver Island, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Accommodations" - Video For Lazy Bowen Hideaway, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Re/Max" - Video for $2.8million, 118acre Property For Sale, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Needs Factory" - Needs Factory Apparel Athletes, Bowen Island & North Shore, Canada

  • "Nihilate" - Director of Photography, Music Video, Burnaby, Canada

  • "Palu Cashmere" - Sailing With Palu, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "NSMBA" - Promotion for NSMBA With Daniel Shaw, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Re/Max" - A 1 Minute Film Showcasing Life On Bowen Island, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "We Are One Composites" - Mtb Film With Brendon Edgar, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Green Mammoth Designz Apparel" - Video Commission For Just Ride II, Germany


  • "Heather & Brandon" - Wedding Photography, Squamish, Canada

  • "JDN Music" - Music Video, Downtown Vancouver, Canada

  • "Jasmine Beryl" - Commissioned Portraits, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "M.O.A.K Episode 1 (Pilot)" - A-Cam, Camera Operator, Downtown Vancouver & Burnaby, Canada

  • "Caleb Harapnuik" - Elite MTB Racer, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Lodge" - Seaside Retreat, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Footsie" - Short Film - A-Cam, Camera Operator, Burnaby, Canada

  • "Sea To Sky Exotic" - Luxury Rental Cars, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Green Mammoth Designz" - Mtb Clothing Brand, Germany

  • "Red Horses" - Gallery/shop, West Vancouver, Canada 

  • "Mountain Biking British Columbia" - MTB Tourism Promotion of Vancouver's North Shore, Canada

  • "BC Ferries" - Sponsored video for Brendon Edgar, Sunshine Coast, Canada

  • "NSMBA" - North Shore Mountain Biking Association, Vancouver, Canada

  • "RE/MAX Crest Realty Canada" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Brendon Edgar Racing" - Pro Enduro Mountain Biker, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Leadership Mind" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Christine & Joe Reid" - North Vancouver, Canada


  • "Engel & Volkers" - Luxury Real Estate Agency, Hamburg, Germany

  • "Citypak & High Sierra" - Backpacks for the homeless, Vancouver, Canada

  • "The Courtyard At Park Farm" - Luxury B&B, East Knoyle, England

  • "Perfectly Provence" - Provence Food, Travel & Lifestyle Magazine, Provence, France

  • "Christine & Joe Reid" - Wedding Video, North Vancouver, Canada

  • "Annick & Manfred Resag" - Les Farges, Dordogne, France

  • "Artigiani Milanesi Cashmere Shop" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Wendy Holm" - Otter Point House, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Colin & Dale Forbes" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "David Graff Music" - David Graff & the Continental Grifters, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Bowen Island Union Steamship Company" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Rocky Mountain Cycles" - Video for B.C.B.R 2016, Squamish & Seymour, Canada

  • "Pierre Beauger" - Winemaker of Central France, Montaigut Le Blanc & Champeix, France

  • "Olivia Ducayen" - Actress, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "BISK" - Bowen Island Sea Kayaking, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "NSMBA" - North Shore Mountain Biking Association, Vancouver, Canada

  • "Annabelle Coon" - Actress, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Guest Rooms La Maison des Vignerons" - Montaigut le Blanc, France


  • "Guest Rooms La Treille" - St Julien, France

  • "Guest Rooms le Cadran Solaire" - Neschers, France

  • "Municipality of Champeix" - City of Gardens, Champeix, France

  • "Guest Rooms Le Prieuré" - Montaigut le Blanc, France

  • "Simon Jessep" - Fiction Novelist, Bowen Island, Canada

  • "The French International School Cousteau" - North Vancouver, Canada

  • "The Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership" - Bowen Island, Canada

  • "Leadership 2020" - Vancouver, Canada

  • "LeadershipMind Consulting" - Bowen Island, Canada



  • "Beyond The Edge" Exhibition" // The Gallery, Artisan Square. Bowen Island, B.C. Canada 2015

  • "Gifted 2014" Exhibition" // The Gallery, Artisan Square. Bowen Island, B.C. Canada 2014

  • "A Family Affair" Exhibition" // Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, B.C. Canada 2012

  • "Photos du Pays des Couzes" Exhibition // Exposition au Marchidial de Champeix. Auvergne, France 2011