Our rider begins his story in rainy Vancouver, Canada in a coffee shop. He is on his laptop looking at flights to France to escape work and the weather.

His bike is leaning against the shop window which is dripping with rain. The flight is booked and the trip to Paris begins in first person view.

He takes the Sea-bus, the Skytrain and boards the flight.



Landing in Paris, he meets with his filmmaker friend who is already in France. The next few days are spent touring Paris on bike, stopping for food and drink, taking photos and getting to know the ways of Parisian life.

The top tourist sites are checked off such as Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, Eiffel Tower, Jardin Du Luxembourg, Les Quais etc… Meeting with friends on city bikes they get together for drinks at a café to finish the Paris segment. 

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A 3 hour train ride takes them to the Auvergne. Now a recent member of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the extinct volcanoes in the region make for incredible day trips on single track trails. Its history was chaptered by important Roman influence and in the Gallo-Roman era, was a region known for it’s wine and cheese production. Nowadays its traditions are still very present and the pair take on the Auvergne exploring its markets, vineyards, cheese caves and flea markets. A typical week riding will take you to medieval fortified castles, quaint and quiet villages, gorgeous single track in thickly wooded valleys and the barren slopes on the volcanoes which so prominently mark the regions’ topography.



For the next and final location the tone is set differently. The Cézallier is Western-Europes' least populated region. With 7,000 inhabitants, it has seen its population reduced by half in only 40 years. Many call it “Little Mongolia” in reference to its barrenness. Altitude varies only slightly from rolling hills to shallow valley floors. The narrow roads are sparse, with most access made through tractor trails. The first thing to hit you is the space… the  feeling of horizontal vertigo… its pretty rare. Few trees grow in the high winds and shepherds take shelter with their animals in small stone barns known as Burons. It is a place untouched by time and civilization.


Wrapping things up

In the final scene of our film, the rider takes a moment before his flight to look back on his adventure through the images he took on his film camera. 


our approach to filmmaking

We are setting out to create a tapestry of visual mediums. We believe that mixing gorgeous cinematic footage with relaxed behind-the-scenes video taken handheld with phones and B-roll will help our audience connect with our film. Being able to see behind the magic of filmmaking and following along with the adventure is more engaging than being a third party observing from the outside. 

Following this notion, we hope to create a film that is not staged and therefore not planned down to every shot. We will capture spontaneous moments and interactions as much as possible without losing our high-end production value. 

our goals for this film

  • To demonstrate gravel bikes being used on a variety of terrain.

  • To inspire our viewers to embark on similar trips close to home or abroad.

  • And... well... for people to buy the kickass gear you guys produce!

Tristan deggan

Having spent his professional life between Europe and Canada as a media creator, Tristan Deggan has developed skills in all aspects of his work. He enjoys collaborating closely with people to bring their ideas

and projects to life. For the main part of his work, he produce high-end imagery and films for adventure-rich outdoor companies such as

Goodyear, PALU, Forbidden & Knolly. Whether it is in the bow of a racing yacht, a Cessna above the Rockies' eternal snows or in a French

vineyard, he is always thrilled to discover what and who lie beyond

the next hill to capture beautiful and compelling imagery.


Directing + Project Planning + Videography + Photography + Editing + Colour Correcting.

Adrien deggan

Adrien Deggan is an international, prize-winning, illustrator and concept artist who has worked in film, animation and video games. He specializes in the early stages of project development, including: storytelling, storyboards, user interface, and the creation of unique visual styles. He has art directed, directed and created images for Microsoft, National Geographic, the BBC, EA Games, Michelin, Jellyfish Pictures, just to name a few. Last year he was honoured to be nominated for an Emmy award.


Concept Art + Storyboarding + Design + Photo-Montage + Matte Painting + Basic Animation.


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